Eco-Toilet Applications

  • Rural areas – to serve the needs of low income population.
  • Construction areas (outdoor) & multi-story buildings (indoor).
  • Environmentally sensitive and vulnerable areas – non pollution requirement such as forest reserved areas, national parks and tourist attractions.
  • Lack of water or non possibility for sewage system areas.
  • Disease problem areas.
  • Natural disaster areas such as refugee camps.
  • High ground water level areas.
  • Large Events (Boom festival and more).
  • Large event areas – where such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions and marathons.
  • Schools, hospitals, universities, sports arenas or stadiums, public and private recreational areas.
  • Pilgrimage areas.
  • Highway or country road rest areas.
  • Pavements, beaches, lakes, river, camping sites, golf courses, etc.

Do you know ?

Over 70% of our body and brain is water!